Monday August 2, 2021
serve the poorest of the poor to enjoy
the qualityof life and become self sustained
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  1. Render assistance to Rural poor irrespective of their caste and creed and to promote civic sense in their day to day working thereby developing their social and economical status.
  2. Bring abandoned untitled patta lands of villages under cultivation and also carryout all developmental works in villages such as construction of pacca houses, drainage, to drain out stagnated water, roads etc., involving the villagers themselves duly paying them in the form of food grains.
  3. Organize and establish Educational, Medical, Health, Agricultural, Cultural, Charitable and research institutions and such other activities that would help in achieving social reconstruction and national integration.
  4. Organize Medical, Health and Blood Donations Camps etc.,
  5. Work with government and other voluntary agencies in relief development programmes in the event of famine, floods, Draughts, fire and other natural and adverse calamities.
  6. Establish home for aged, orphan homes for mentally retarded and physically handicapped children, Deaf and Dumb, Widows and other literacy and skill development programmes.
  7. Help poor children to meet their expenses for education, food, clothing and accommodation and clean drinking water.
  8. Establish and provide bore wells to people at very remote places where much scarcity of water is three and to maintain them regularly.
  9. Install drinking water stalls in the summer with hygiene standards.
  10. Establish and maintain vocational training centers and computer centers to make the youth skilled in suitable trades and thereby promoting self employment in youth and developing them in other employment profiles.
  11. Establish centers and incentive programmes for rehabilitation of victims of deadly deceases like AIDS & Leprosy.
  12. Adopt selected villages and develop them into model villages through integrated Socio-Economic program’s such as Women empowerment through economic programmes, Women development, mother & child welfare and precautionary measures to be take-up to avoid ignorance besides providing nutrition diet to the pregnant women and children and Family planning, training and awareness camps, sanitation and other environmental activities.
  13. Render assistance to the needy including lending of loans, grants, subsidies in furtherance of the objectives of the society and to recover such loans and such terms and conditions as my be prescribed from time to time.
  14. To Help the Widows and Old aged women under pension scheme.
  15. Distribute clothes to poor.
  16. Organize adult education camps.
  17. Establish Training and Vocational Training Programmes to children and SC, ST & OBCs beneficiaries.
  18. Provide legal assistance to needy poor people with the help of Legal Advisory Committee.
  19. Provide nursery and related any other especially with the help of Forest department.
  20. Provide shelter centers especially to cows etc.
  21. Provide Mobile Medical Centers especially to SC, ST & BC locations in slums.
  22. Establish Drug De-addiction centers.
  23. Provide illiteracy camps for the Urban Children, IBL Children Programmes (Seva Bharath)
  24. Conduct seminars teaching and training sessions in the villages to spread awareness about moral environment non-conversion energy source, Socio Medical evils as AIDS etc.
  25. Provide pollution camps, awareness camps Environment pollution for the poor and needy people in the slums.
  26. Promote the concept to water convention including development of Land traditional sources retention retinal use of Ground water towards harvesting structures.
  27. Provide educational and vocational facilities to the children economically weaker sections of the societies.
  28. Take State and Central funds for the economically backward children,dropouts for their betterment of the youth training and for their betterment employment(under self-employment scheme)
  29. Organize meetings, Training camps, seminars workshops etc., for the benefit of villages/youth.
  30. Form Mahila Mandals and undertake various programmes to being about affective improvement in the status of the rural women.
  31. Create awareness among the public about ecology and environment and to promote environmental recovery.
  32. Conduct cultural workshops with the help of eminent people in various fields of arts and culture.
  33. Undertake any development various programmes from State and Central Government of the benefit of Rural/Urban people.
  34. Support the physically handicapped children by providing financial assistance for education, operations, orthopedic equipment and self employment scheme/units.
  35. Develop and Educate medical and health (AIDS and Leprosy and Cancer, T.B and others) etc., Rural Sanitation, water resources and central sanitation schemes.
  36. Undertake and develop Rural Nursery clean and green, plantations and Rural Forests Human Technology resources rural well dining (Million Wells) and watersheds and marketing projects.
  37. Initiate child labour and street children education and rehabilitation programmes, Rural Technology, House organization of beneficiaries, consumer Awareness Programmes and to establish Legal and Family Counseling centers etc.
  38. Take up thrift and credit programmes for the members to create a habit of savings from their earnings.
  39. Borrow loans from any outside agencies such as RMK,NABARD,SMFDC,SIDI,NHFDC and local banks etc, for implementation of thrift and credit programmes in Rural and Urban areas.
  40. Establish coaching centers for various entrance examination and tests and other services related competitive examinations for the weaker communities together with providing/printing of books etc.
  41. Provide animal welfare services by establishing veterinary clinics, mobile units and conduct veterinary medical camps.
  42. Establish or run Blood Bank and Eye Bank.
  43. Provide educational facilities to the poor and needy children in Urban/Rural Areas.
  44. Fulfill the above objects of the Society the ADARANA FOUNDATION shall raise funds, donations open branches and works so for the development of the society.

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